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COVID-19 Update

11th July 2020

Dear members,


This is just a quick update to keep you informed of the work that the BOSTAA Executive has been undertaking.


The COVID pandemic has of course led to a number of changes in every way that we work. It has, however, opened up the opportunity for more effective executive committee meetings which we have been running on an electronic platform.


We have had to make some important decisions. The first of which has been to defer the annual meeting which was due to run 26th November this year in Westminster. This will now be deferred to 14th July 2020. We will almost certainly have trainee activities running the day before as well so we hope that you can diarise those dates.


In the interim, we have considered whether we should be joining other societies that are running multiple Webinars but feel that that area is relatively overloaded and we are therefore planning carefully towards the late Autumn. We will have some further educational communications then or potentially run a smaller face-to-face meeting in Central London if there is an appetite for it.


Our inability to hold an annual general meeting has led to some challenges. After much consultation, we have agreed to extend the current executive term by a year in order to allow for clear expressions of interest and for voting on a new executive at the next annual meeting. In the interim, the executive has been working hard to plan the future strategy of BOSTAA. A couple of meetings have taken place to consider the aims, ambitions and constitution of BOSTAA, its proposed direction of travel and how it is likely to progress over the next few years and how we would wish to shape it.

In order to help us on that journey, we have co-opted two members at large and advisory capacity on the committee. Joanne Banks and Guido Geutjens have kindly agreed to help and support BOSTAA until formal elections take place at the next annual meeting in July.  We look forward to sharing the output with you in due course.


I would also urge those of you interested in advanced knee arthroscopy to timetable the BOSTAA-RCS advanced arthroscopy course in Croxley Heath for 14th and 15th January 2021.


There is a lot more work going on in the background and we will keep you updated.

With Best Wishes,

Fares Haddad

30th May 2020

Dear colleagues,


This is an update as many of you will be starting to look at restarting your surgical  activity. It is likely that the recovery period will be prolonged and may have some ups and downs.


With sports restarting soon in one form or another we are also likely to see a rise in sports injuries presenting to us.


It has been surprising thus far not to see quite so many injuries from exercising outdoors as many of us had expected. We regularly see many runners and cyclists that we did not see previously!


At present, the BOSTAA meeting in November is still planned to go ahead but we are reviewing the situation week by week.


In the interim, we are having a strategy meeting in June and will hope to have some online education and interaction events available later in the year.


Do please contact us with any issues, concerns or suggestions.


With Best Wishes, 


Fares Haddad

16th April 2020 

Dear Colleagues,


The COVID-19 may prove to be the greatest professional and personal challenge that many of us will face in our lifetime.  We have already found that every aspect of our day-to-day existence has been impacted on.  Most of us are worried about our wellbeing and that of our friends and families, we are worried about our patients, and most of us have had our surgical routines severely disrupted. 


BOSTAA will continue to support its members as best it can. The executive continues to discuss what we can offer, both now and of course in the recovery period.  There will be much to learn from this episode and once we bounce back we hope to come back stronger with a bigger fellowship, education and teaching and training offerings. 


For now we just wanted to wish each and every one of you good health and great strength as we all endure together during this crisis. 



With Best Wishes,

Fares Haddad

BOSTAA President

21st March 2020

BOSTAAis currently monitoring the national and global situation with COVID 19(coronavirus) and liaising with the British Orthopaedic Association andfollowing guidance issued by Public Health England and in the Department ofHealth and Social Care?s corona virus action plan.


We are aware that this is a dynamic situation and we are committed to keeping our members and colleagues informed.


Faceto face BOSTAA educational  activities in the UK and abroad for the next 2months  have been postponed. This includes deferral of the ESSKA Meeting.


Our Annual Meeting 26th Nov 2020 at Centralhall Westminster is currently still planned to go ahead. We aremonitoring the situation daily and notice of any cancellations will be postedon our website and participants contacted directly. We encourage submission ofabstracts and registration, but we will keep you updated of any changes.